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Housekeeping SG

01. Graduation from N.U.Ass > Checked.
02. qmark Links Update > Checked.
03. Desktop with Lloyd’s help > Checked.
04. 25th! > Double-checked.
05. 《不懂就問神》 Consulting the Supernatural Artwork > Check-it-out!
06. Cuppa at Kith > Checking. CHECKED!
07. Photography Excursion > Checking.
08. Dissertation > Unchecked.
09. Finalise quotation & work schedule with contractor > Checking.
10. KTV > Checking.



Been trying to integrate a new Tumblr sideline into WordPress, but so far it’s not been working well enough.

So here’s the link to media spotlights – honeysuckle stars

Paradigm Wolfram|Alpha

The Inter-Webs is always a fascinating place to be, with paradigmatic shifts in how we perceive the world occurring all the time; before full apprehension, comes another mind-boggling concept. We already have CSS, Blogging, Ive, Google Earth/Maps, RFID, Youtube, RSS, OpenID, Facebook, Twitter, (amongst many others) and next comes Wolfram|Alpha, a new model of thinking Search.

You purportedly use it to get technical results, answers to more “numerical” type questions (distance between singapore dietikon = 10306km) rather than “item” type questions (albums by elvis presley = ?). Even so, data is rather limited to those available in the public domain (e.g. Emporis), and it seems to me that the databases are few. It doesn’t recognise famous figures like Rem Koolhaas, nor does it know the height of La Padrera. Currently, I might use it as a convenient answering machine (5th september 1984 day = Wednesday), but I figure one of its core strengths is its comparative ability, like how you can compare stock prices of Apple and Microsoft, or between all of Hitchcock’s movies. 

Of course, it is so new, there is so much data not up yet, so right now I would rather get lucky with my Google and my Wiki.

Sojourn in my grey matter.

[architecture trip in some part of malaysia, supposedly near jb.]


Went off alone, to the back of a “shopping centre” (4-6 storeys), Asian urban, loading-bay, concrete, signboards. Entered, saw a security guard. an open-legged flight of stairs. Continue reading


to come


The topography of colours. Like the contemplative wing of the Abstract Expressionists, they become powerful emotive imagery for the soul.

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Suddenly Singapore

Via Worldmapper, suddenly Singapore isn’t just that speck of red anymore. I can almost make out Tuas in the above map that shows contribution to CO2 levels in 2000. And Sungei Gedong in the map below that shows military spending 2 years later. Now isn’t that something to be proud off?

Visit the site and have a field day discovering a whole new geography of the world!

buys furniture.