Paradigm Wolfram|Alpha

The Inter-Webs is always a fascinating place to be, with paradigmatic shifts in how we perceive the world occurring all the time; before full apprehension, comes another mind-boggling concept. We already have CSS, Blogging, Ive, Google Earth/Maps, RFID, Youtube, RSS, OpenID, Facebook, Twitter, (amongst many others) and next comes Wolfram|Alpha, a new model of thinking Search.

You purportedly use it to get technical results, answers to more “numerical” type questions (distance between singapore dietikon = 10306km) rather than “item” type questions (albums by elvis presley = ?). Even so, data is rather limited to those available in the public domain (e.g. Emporis), and it seems to me that the databases are few. It doesn’t recognise famous figures like Rem Koolhaas, nor does it know the height of La Padrera. Currently, I might use it as a convenient answering machine (5th september 1984 day = Wednesday), but I figure one of its core strengths is its comparative ability, like how you can compare stock prices of Apple and Microsoft, or between all of Hitchcock’s movies. 

Of course, it is so new, there is so much data not up yet, so right now I would rather get lucky with my Google and my Wiki.



Introducing Tim Griffith, a “well-travelled architectural photographer”, who has more than his fair share of Singapore Shots. Visit his blog level for his work, and sensible musings about the worldly life as well.

illuma bugis

capella hotel

crowne plaza hotel

woha office

a photographer is an architect’s renderer.

The International

There is something about watching an action-thriller plot unfold at your favourite landmarks, especially those where you have been before and explored. And when they get involved in something bigger and more extraordinary, it’s strangely elating. It’s like Manet’s “Luncheon on the Grass“; why would it garner such a huge response if not for its familiar contemporary venue?

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Technicolor and new surfaces

Sojourn in my grey matter.

[architecture trip in some part of malaysia, supposedly near jb.]


Went off alone, to the back of a “shopping centre” (4-6 storeys), Asian urban, loading-bay, concrete, signboards. Entered, saw a security guard. an open-legged flight of stairs. Continue reading

Pages from my Sketchbook 1

My trusty Moleskine, companion to the alter ego of my mind. To sketch, to observe, to be; every line,  turn and curve etching the fabric of existence, of various moods and dispositions. Attempting to capture the quintessence of European towns, every page a chapter, and on hindsight an enormous window back into those carefree days of exploratory pleasures.

Granada, Spain – sitting on the narrow curb of a door along the slope waiting for the landlord to appear, sketching as shadow lines move across the pebbled floor. Aboard the TGV, France – A very adorable young boy scribbles and explores my SLR, as he travels with Mum and Sis to Toulouse for their summer vacation. Firenze, Italy – atop Giotto’s Campanile beside the Duomo, as I glance afar and outline the many windows of the Uffizi Gallery.


( Gantenbein Winery in Fläsch)

P1 and P2 for Digital Fabrication studio had been fun – investigation of the Gantenbein Winery had revealed how integrative digital processes can be applied to architecture. “First-order” basic components, “second-order” geometric operations, mass customisation, digital fabrication machines, are just some of the burgeoning techniques being experimented and used today.

Now to harness all of that in the exploration of a new typological 12+1 Tower. With (a very versatile) Grasshopper, a model following up from the theme of directional translucency was created. Seems like it might be headed towards a facade-based design or mere multiplication to banality. Based on Shinya’s suggestions, I guess it’s a process of iterative thinking from both Component>System and System>Component, where a meaningful architecture is created.

( Changing Openings)

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