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Missing last year’s Singapore Design Festival, qmark eagerly placed this year’s events into the calendar. There are MANY events, but a quick browse through that thick pamphlet tells me that there aren’t many that cater specifically to design per se. It’s more product placement than product process. Continue reading


Retrospectively Warhol

A is for Andy exhibition 2007- More than Cambell soups and Marilyn Monroes.

Perhaps the use of acid-free paper & good quality pigments, combined with proper care throughout the years make these pieces appear as if they were fresh off the printer! The texture of the pigments used, the layering of inks and the mad riot of fresh colours are revealed & their impact felt only on closer scrutiny, when one sees the actual work of art.

Such qualities are rarely/never captured in the glossy prints of the paintings in books or magazine graphics.

Here’s another chance to catch these paintings live if you missed the previous exhibition!

See details- 100 Warhols Plus Twenty Servings Of Soup On The Side.

qmark_pink.jpg keen on an art exhibition… anyone with a space for rent?

W is for WARHOLA

Andy Warhol

You don’t want to miss this .
qmark_pink.jpgis excited!