Missing last year’s Singapore Design Festival, qmark eagerly placed this year’s events into the calendar. There are MANY events, but a quick browse through that thick pamphlet tells me that there aren’t many that cater specifically to design per se. It’s more product placement than product process. Continue reading


Big Tales

I like it that he slams incomprehensible avant-gardism (read: Woods, Hadid et al), and retains the wit and fun of college architecture. Check out their office [3:38]!

Great video to kickstart your day.

Housekeeping SG

01. Graduation from N.U.Ass > Checked.
02. qmark Links Update > Checked.
03. Desktop with Lloyd’s help > Checked.
04. 25th! > Double-checked.
05. 《不懂就問神》 Consulting the Supernatural Artwork > Check-it-out!
06. Cuppa at Kith > Checking. CHECKED!
07. Photography Excursion > Checking.
08. Dissertation > Unchecked.
09. Finalise quotation & work schedule with contractor > Checking.
10. KTV > Checking.

An Ionic Bond

21st July saw the soft opening of much-hyped frenzified Ion Orchard. Designed by UK-based Benoy Architects, Ion Orchard fills the high-end niche gap, converting Pinoy park into purchasing paradise.

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Been trying to integrate a new Tumblr sideline into WordPress, but so far it’s not been working well enough.

So here’s the link to media spotlights – honeysuckle stars


A film by Ho Tzu Nyen

At first glance, reminiscent of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975). Missed the 4-day screening; is it showing anywhere soon? Sinema?
Meanwhile, check the film page here.

Verner Panton

“Colour is more important than Form.” Of Warholian spaces and Bauhaus retro-futurism.